For the past 30+ years Doug has been focusing all his attention on producing original fine art. This web site and our shows have generated many inquiries for reproductions. We have spent much time trying to find a company and a process we are satisfied would reproduce Dougs' fine art into a high quality reproduction.

After much research and many meetings we decided to do Signed Limited Edition Reproductions using the "Giclee" method. This method allows us to do very Limited Editions such as those we have chosen.

The Giclee method uses pigment ink with a 100 year rated indoor life. They are printed on a very heavy 308 gram/square meter(gms) true cotton rag, acid-free watercolor paper. This paper has been produced by a company in this business for over 400 years. Our reproductions are generated using leading edge hardware and software. We have worked closely with the company color calibrating every step of the process.

We are extremely happy with the results as we are sure you too will be.

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