Getting Started

Hi everyone this is Carrie, Doug's wife.  

I am often asked if it is hard to see the paintings go when they are sold and what it is like to see paintings being created?  Very good quesitons and I admit I love watching the process unfold.  It never ceases to amaze me the depth of Doug Fraser's brain. He continues to open my eyes to our world through his art and conversation.  Ok so I love him... what can I say... I am his wife.  But he does have a unique view of his surroundings which he shares through his art.  It is almost as if he is connected with our ancestors from the past.  That they show him the light!  As in these entitled "Stillness" and more recently "Life's Blossoms". 

I thought I would dedicate a couple of blog post on what  I get to see as a painting is being created.  This is the first of several posts.  I  hope you enjoy this idea.  Don't hesitate to comment or ask quesitons.    I am not sure if I can answer them but it will be a fun conversation none the less.  

Stay tuned... 



Surrounded by inspiration

Just got back from an early (6:30 am) morning walk with my wife on the Inverness Boardwalk. I have lived here all my life and I am still amazed at the beauty that surrounds us on a daily bases.  This boardwalk runs between the 3 mile white sandy beach of Inverness, the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait and the first class golf links course, the Cabot Links.  On a clear evening you can even see PEI.  Get here when the tide is low and you have beautiful sandbars and you can even watch or play a little golf!  Of course ealry in the morning with a nice breeze you can just breath in the natural beauty of it all.  That is just the morning! This coast also boasts some of the best sunsets of the world.  As I head into my studio for the day my soul is filled and my head is full of the voices of our ancestors.  What can I say I love this place and yes it is full of inspiration.