Best Practices Mission to the USA


Mechanic’s Hall. Worcester, Ma.  

Here I am on the stage of Mechanic's Hall in Worcester, Ma. This picture was taken while on tour of Mechanic’s Hall during a Best Practices Mission to the United States this past April.  During this mission I had the opportunity to visit and meet with many artisans and gallery operators and had some great conversations through art.  

I have to say this was a really great trip for several reasons. First, my travel companions were artisans and industry persons from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. who shared my passion for art and the role it plays in our world. Secondly, as a group we met with and toured many artisan studios, craft industries, museums and galleries in the Ma., and Vermont area. We had an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss common industry concerns. I certainly learned a number of things including that we have much to contribute artistically to the world.